What items did you purchase from Especially For You?
Bridal Gown, Bridesmaids, Accessories and Invitations.
Please give your general feedback about these items and the service you received at Especially For You

Personally for me it was easier to have a 'one stop shop' where I could get everything. I only booked my wedding 12 months before the big day and as a busy full time working mum of a then 5 month old, I didn't have the time to go looking round shop after shop. Some things I didn't mind spending a bit more on, then for others, like my invitations I kept the cost low as people rarely keep them. Carole and Sandra were able to design and make some beautiful personalised invitations with my little girl as the host. Really simple, using my colour scheme but very effective. Everything I purchased from 'Especially For You' arrived on time and of top quality. I must point out one huge plus about purchasing everything in one place, particularly attire/accessories is you get to see everything together. I was able to put my dress/veil and tiara to the bridesmaids dresses. I wouldn't have been able to do this had I have purchased at many different stores. I also loved the fact that if there was something I wasn't quite happy with or needed help or advice with, I got an honest opinion rather than a 'sales person' who would tell me what I wanted to hear or just say anything to get a 'sale'. I am quite indecisive and picky at times and I never felt like a 'hassle' to them. I visited several bridal boutiques prior to Especially For You, some of a couture status, however the fancy champagne and free nibbles does not mean you get the best service. I was quite shocked at how unprofessional and poor other stores were in comparison. Carole and Sandra already have a superb reputation and this is why.

Please include any other comments you feel will help any brides to be reading this

I think the main advice I would give is:

a) Trust your instincts - go with what you think, not what others think.

b) Use a knowledgeable store like Especially For You. You can't buy inside knowledge like this. They are wedding expert’s not sales people who can throw their hand to any sales job.

c) Don't let the wedding take over your life. If you build it up too much you won't enjoy it as much as you'll be picking the bones out of it.

d) Take a bit of time out with your new husband, even just half hour to look at your room or catch up. I don't think we spoke all day as we were so busy catching up with everyone else!!

e) Just enjoy it! It goes sooo fast!!

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