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My lovely dress
Please give your general feedback about these items and the service you received at Especially For You
My dress was lovely and a little bit different- I'd really been struggling to find something I liked that covered my shoulders. The service was excellent- knowledgeable, relaxed and friendly. I never felt rushed and had all the help I needed when looking and attending fittings. I'm surprised to have to say this was a far cry from the service I received at other shops so I'm really pleased found my dream dress here and got to share the experience with Carole and Sandra.
In hindsight what would you do differently (if anything)?
It’s a small thing but me and my bridesmaids came from behind a curtain and I wanted to send my bridesmaids through the curtain first and then me follow a bit behind them. Venue staff whisked the curtain out the way in a "big reveal" however and the result was lots of photos of me and my dad walking down the aisle hidden by my bridesmaids :oD Its worth trying to think about little things like this, especially if there is a particular moment you want captured on film
Please include any other comments you feel will help any brides to be reading this
Just relax and try and enjoy it! At times I stressed over small details such as table décor etc. but you really don't notice the finer details on the day. For me the right dress was important in helping me feel good about myself on the day. I think as long you're happy with your choice of frock and choice of husband  the rest doesn't matter!

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